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Plant Hire In Bluff

Equipment Rental and Plant Hire In The Bluff

We are a full service plant hire and tool hire company in the Bluff area. If you are in the Bluff area in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, and you need plant hire or tool hire, do not hesitate to contact us regarding our rental equipment.

As a Plant Hire in the Bluff and Tool Hire in the Bluff solution, we have the following products to offer:

  • Scaffolding Hire in the Bluff
  • Compaction Equipment Hire in the Bluff
  • Concrete Mixer Hire in The Bluff
  • Dumper Rental, Dumper Hire in the Bluff
  • Skid Steer Rental, Skid Steer Hire in Durban, Bobcat Rental, Bobcat Hire in The Bluff
  • TLB Rental, TLB Hire in The Bluff
  • Tipper Truck Rental, Tipper Truck Hire in The Bluff
  • Roller Rental, Roller Hire in The Bluff
  • Plate Compactor Rental, Plate Compactor Hire in The Bluff
  • Pump Rental, Pump Hire in The Bluff
  • Concrete Mixer Rental, Concrete Mixer Hire in The Bluff
  • Electric Drill Rental, Electric Drill Hire in The Bluff
  • Generator/Welder Rental, Generator/Welder Hire in The Bluff
  • Concrete Saw Rental, Concrete Saw Hire in The Bluff
  • Power Tool Rental, Power Tool Hire in The Bluff
  • Survey Equipment Rental, Survey Equipment Hire in The Bluff

For all your plant hire related queries in the Bluff area, contact us today for an unbeatable quotation:



082 3675117

who we are

We are a family owned plant hire business based in Durban, South Africa that is driven by a sense of responsibility for the stewardship of the business.

Contact US

21 Krishna Lane, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
glynnis (at) warthogplant.co.za
082 3675117

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